An IoT based smart irrigation system for Indian farmers

ONE Water is a revolutionary water saving product that makes irrigation system smart and simple. It will help connect fields and can empower farmers to make the right use of water during drip irrigation.


LET THERE BE ONE Water for all

Water is life - and precisely why we need to save it. ONE Water can help save water, electricity and give more than what’s taken. Imagine a water sensor that knows the right amount of water good for your fields. It will help boost crop yield and make sure you aren’t over-irrigating.

With our launchpad being in Gujarat, our long term goal is to irrigate the arid areas of Rajasthan through the reach of Narmada Canal.



Excess water causes destruction of crops and growth of weeds. ONE water will sense soil moisture, humidity, & temp. and accordingly irrigation will be done in the farm. It’s like having control of the water usage in your hands.

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The Team

The team comprises of passionate and innovative experts who believe that technology facilitates change. 4 people consisting of embedded and networking engineers and an agriculture researcher strive to make ONE water a success story.

  • Shubham Jain

    Shubham is passionate about making sensor networks that can help ease the lives of many. He is an ICT grad and post grad

  • Devang Mendapara

    Devang the Researcher understands farming and is a post grad in Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Nipun Bhatt

    Nipun an EC engineer looks after embedded hardware design

  • Vijay Ahir

    Vijay is the software guy

  • Nascent Info Technologies

    Nascent Info Technologies is guiding the team


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